© Navin Sabharwal, Sudipta Barua, Neha Anand, Pallavi Aggarwal 2020
Navin Sabharwal, Sudipta Barua, Neha Anand and Pallavi AggarwalDeveloping Cognitive Bots Using the IBM Watson Enginehttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-5555-1_4

4. Building Your First Bot Using Watson Assistant

Navin Sabharwal, Sudipta Barua1, Neha Anand2 and Pallavi Aggarwal3
New Delhi, India
Varanasi, India
Noida, India
Watson Assistant is a cognitive cloud service offering by IBM that makes it easier for developers to build conversational interfaces and embed them into any application. Watson Assistant integrates with a variety of cognitive services provided by the IBM Watson platform to enrich the conversation through spell checks, a tone analyzer, and other services. ...

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