Chapter 8. I/O Flow and Dispatching

I/O processing is the heart of any driver. To understand how to implement robust I/O handling code in your driver, you must understand how I/O requests flow from an application to your driver, how WDF simplifies the driver's I/O processing tasks, and what your driver should do to complete an I/O request.

In this chapter:

Common I/O Request Types 224

I/O Transfer Types 228

I/O Request Flow 231

I/O Request Objects 243

I/O Queues 253

I/O Event Callbacks 271

Completing I/O Requests 291

Canceled and Suspended Requests 293

Adaptive Time-outs in UMDF 297

Self-Managed I/O 297

For this chapter, you need …

From …





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%wdk%\Src\Umdf\Usb\Fx2_driver ...

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