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Developing Exemplary Performance One Person at a Time

Book Description

Isolating a performance opportunity is the first step in helping an employee develop and grow. But only when the most targeted solution whether a job redesign or one-on-one coaching or training is identified and applied to each improvement focus can individuals achieve exemplary performance and organizations successfully drive strategy execution. Author Michael Sabbag rejects the notion that one solution fits all as he focuses on matching the right solution to a given performance opportunity. He presents a holistic Exemplary Performance Model built around his Seven Factors that Drive Performance: talent and fit, environment, tools and resources, systems and processes, clear expectations and accountability, skills and knowledge, and motivation. And he lays out an easy-to-implement process to identify and target performance that will yield significant ROI for employees and align with corporate goals, isolate the key factors influencing that performance and create a detailed action plan to apply the right combination of tools to leverage one “exemplary” strength throughout the organization and develop one “expandable” strength to the exemplary level. Building on the foremost thinking in performance improvement and strength development, each of the Seven Factors is examined in detail, with suggested techniques for actively engaging employees in this well-planned performance development process.