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Developing Leadership Abilities

Book Description

The prentice Hall NetEffect series encompasses training for specific business areas, such as learning skills, job skills, management skills, and technology soft skills. Courses are available in print, on CD-ROM, or over the Internet. For more information on the NetEffect series, go to www.prenhall.com/training

Developing Leadership Abilities teaches specific skills that matter most for those assuming a leadership role. Their step-by-step approach helps extend and refine leadership insights and techniques.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Preface
  3. Surprising Facts About Leaders
    1. A Short Book on a Large Topic
    2. What Is a Leader?
    3. Room for Us All
    4. Leadership as Service to Others
    5. Where Do Leaders Come From?
    6. A Menu of Choices for Leadership Development
  4. Assessing Your Leadership Tendencies and Personality Factors
    1. The Assessment
    2. Your Score
    3. Summing Up
  5. Expressing Leadership Vision
    1. Where Does Vision Come From?
    2. Generating Ideas
    3. The Personal Risks of Expressing a Vision
    4. Visionary Actions
  6. Leadership by Listening
    1. The Art of Leadership Listening
    2. Why Leaders Often Fail to Listen
    3. Keys to Improved Listening
    4. What Leaders Gain by Improved Listening
  7. Leadership by Building Relationships and Teams
    1. Set Aside the Easy Answers
    2. Why Do Certain Types of People Bug You?
    3. Making Leadership Sense Out of Personality Differences
    4. Using Nonverbal Signals to Revolutionize Your Leadership Relationships
    5. The Importance of Truthfulness for Leaders and Team Members
  8. Leadership by Defining Problems and Reaching Solutions
    1. Are You a Theory X or a Theory Y Leader?
    2. Do You Practice “Leadership by Getting Mad?”
    3. Do You Walk the Talk?
    4. Do You Play Fair with Your People?
    5. Are You an Ego-Leader or a Servant-Leader?
  9. Leadership by Motivating
    1. The Shrinking Power of Money as a Motivator
    2. The Involvement Factor
    3. Committing to the Involvement Factor
  10. Leadership by Delegating Tasks and Responsibilities
    1. “Lone Wolf” Leaders
    2. Shared Leadership
  11. Leadership by Managing Conflict
    1. The S.O.P.
    2. Language That Encourages Conflict Resolution
    3. Learning to Fight the Feeling
    4. Leading in the Face of Personal Crisis
    5. Preventing Burnout for Team Members
  12. Leadership by Supporting and Empowering Participation
    1. Participation in Meetings
    2. Leading Team Members to Think Well
    3. Leading by Supporting Team Knowledge
    4. Helping Team Members Respect and See Beyond the Box
  13. Recommended Readings