Seneca – a microservices framework

Seneca is a framework for building microservices written by Richard Rodger, the founder and CTO of nearForm, a consultancy that helps other companies design and implement software using Node.js. Seneca is about simplicity, it connects services through a sophisticated pattern-matching interface that abstracts the transport from the code so that it is fairly easy to write highly scalable software.

Let's stop talking and see some examples:

var seneca = require( 'seneca' )() seneca.add({role: 'math', cmd: 'sum'}, function (msg, respond) { var sum = msg.left + msg.right respond(null, {answer: sum}) }) seneca.add({role: 'math', cmd: 'product'}, function (msg, respond) { var product = msg.left * msg.right respond( null, ...

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