Chapter 10. Debugging and Testing

In this chapter, we will learn how to debug a responsive web application. We will also look at a list of available tools to test responsive pages. The following list contains some of the tools that we will get introduced to:

  • Dimensions Toolkit
  • Designmodo Responsive Test
  • Opera Mobile emulator
  • Responsinator
  • Viewport Resizer
  • L-Square Responsive Design Inspector
  • FireBreak
  • More Display Resolutions 1.0
  • The BrowserStack Responsive tool
  • MobileTest
  • TestSize
  • Am I Responsive
  • Responsive Design Checker
  • Responsive UI Testing Tool (RUIT)
  • Responsive Test

Implementing the debugging mechanism

In this section, we will list some of the available offline and online tools that can help a web developer during development.

Dimensions Toolkit

Dimensions ...

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