Chapter 4 Persuading Colleagues to Try DevOps

Chapter 4

Persuading Colleagues to Try DevOps


Bullet Understanding the human aversion to change

Bullet Persuading your peers

Bullet Gaining executive buy-in

Bullet Responding to pushback

When I’m on the road a lot, talking to engineers, they often ask where they should start. “DevOps sounds great,” they say, “but what’s the first step?” or, “My boss has decided we should ‘do the DevOps,’ and has reorganized us into a DevOps team, but what are we supposed to be doing?”

Everyone’s DevOps journey is different —unique to you as an individual, to your team, and to your company. You will pick and choose (to a certain extent) which aspects of DevOps will benefit you most and apply those aspects to your team. One thing is certain, however: You can’t go it alone. Your DevOps transformation will fail if you attempt to force the new way of thinking onto your team without first persuading them. You must sell your colleagues on the benefits of DevOps and energize the organization around new possibilities.

In this chapter, you dig into why humans loathe ...

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