DevOps Fundamentals with Azure

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Learn to automate builds to deploy and deliver code faster and more often

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  • Skill up your DevOps knowledge without a strong set of prerequisites
  • Deliver continuously improved software with the most advanced tools and techniques
  • Acquire a deeper insight into implementing DevOps in your organization and deliver results from Day-1

In Detail

DevOps is becoming a reality in the IT workplace. Being able to master and manage the basic tools for DevOps is the first step towards success. This video course shows you how to adopt a DevOps way of working, with Azure.

You might have come across slow development cycles due to traditional infrastructure management processes. DevOps, reduces the time between committing a change to a system and the change being placed into normal production.

This course will show you how to speed up the release cycle of your IT systems. With a set of automation tools, an orchestration platform, and a few processes, you will do more with fewer resources and become more engaged in the business process. Exploring Azure, you'll learn various solution architectures with continuous integration and continuous deployment pipeline that push your changes automatically to cloud, allowing you to deliver value faster to your customers.

This course uses Azure CLI 2.0, while not the latest version available, it provides relevant and informative content for legacy users of Azure.

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  • Title: DevOps Fundamentals with Azure
  • Author(s): David Gonzalez
  • Release date: August 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781789610499