DevOps in Practice

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Best practices in the real world

Tools such as Chef, Puppet, Vagrant, and Docker often dominate conversations on DevOps, but the DevOps movement is more about changing company culture than it is about tools. As the experts in this O’Reilly video collection demonstrate, breaking down traditional silos and building collaborative teams with both development and operations professionals onboard has yielded some amazing results, including better products that are quicker to market.

This unique collection demonstrates the essence of DevOps principles with practical, real-world examples of people and organizations putting them into practice. Ideal for system administrators, operations managers, and developers, each segment features a session from our recent Velocity conferences.

This video collection includes:

  • 10+ Deploys Per Day: Dev and Ops Cooperation at Flickr
    John Allspaw (Etsy) and Paul Hammond
    Learn how Flickr developed a successful DevOps culture, using tools, techniques, and processes of transparency.

  • Challenges to Cultural Change
    Mandi Walls (Opscode)
    Explore common issues and strategies for managing cultural change in a technical organization—particularly one that’s part of a larger enterprise.

  • Changing Operational And Development Culture At The BBC
    Andrew Brockhurst, Principal Engineer, BBC
    Find out how the BBC implemented DevOps culture in this Velocity conference keynote speech.

  • Getting Started With Configuration Management
    Sascha Bates (Bratty Redhead Consulting)
    Implementing CM on your website? Get some real-world advice and explore some horror stories through code.

  • Gamedays on the Obama Campaign
    Dylan Richard (formerly Obama for America)
    Delve into the series of game day exercises that enabled Obama for America’s technical team to find points of failure in the months prior to Election Day.

  • Building For Operations
    Steven Murawski, Nick Craver, and George Beech from Stack Exchange
    Examine how Stack Exchange manages network infrastructure by building everything with operations in mind.

  • The Secret of Safe, Continuous Deployment: Perceptual Diffs
    Brett Slatkin (Google)
    Discover how Google made continuous development work—and why their team is happier and more productive.
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  • Title: DevOps in Practice
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  • Release date: June 2014
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781491902981