DevOps Masterclass: CI/CD with Jenkins Pipelines Groovy DSL

Video Description

DevOps, IaC, Automation, continuous integration and continuous delivery with Jenkins Pipelines and Apache Groovy DSLs

About This Video

  • Work with Jenkins DSL loops, branches and variables
  • Utilize Jenkins DSLs to achieve efficiency in your day-to-day automation and development projects

In Detail

Software companies are constantly innovating development strategies to bring new products and services to the market quickly and more efficiently. They look for consistent solutions to increase stability, quality, and profits. With DevOps and its Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery principles, companies have witnessed exponential business and technological growth. Most progressive startups and mature companies routinely implement CI/CD principles in their automated software build pipelines. This ensures that their code is cleaner, deployments are faster, and delivery is reliable. As a result, business growth is guaranteed.

Whatever your choice may be, cloud computing is going to be YOUR KEY to financial success and growth and to the success of the community as a whole!

Jenkins is a vast, highly efficient automation platform. You can accomplish a lot with Jenkins, and it requires minimal configurations. This dynamic, stable tool gives you the freedom to explore and automate a wide variety of tasks. Using Jenkins, you can simplify sophisticated software processes through automated builds and test executions. You receive immediate feedback on automation processes on Jenkins. This approach efficiently reduces turnaround time for code repair and deployment!

There is already a shortage of cloud talent and this gap is growing rapidly. Simply put, there's a massive opportunity for people like you to equip yourself with the right skillset so that you can:

  • Join talent-hungry tech companies and be at the forefront of global innovation
  • Launch unique businesses or cloud application development services for the next generation
  • Enjoy lucrative and cool DevOps projects

So, if you're ready to make a change and learn how to simplify sophisticated software processes. This course is for you!!!

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction
    1. Welcome And Introduction 00:04:21
    2. Course Overview 00:03:08
    3. Why Learn Jenkins? 00:04:54
    4. Who Uses Jenkins 00:00:45
    5. Download Resources 00:00:35
    6. Get Ready For Jenkins 00:00:41
  2. Chapter 2 : Jenkins - Installation And Configuration
    1. Getting Started With Jenkins 00:01:05
    2. What Is Continuous Integration 00:04:28
    3. What Is Continuous Delivery 00:02:49
    4. Introduction To Jenkins 00:06:04
    5. The DevOps EcoSystem 00:04:57
    6. Install Pre-Requisites For Jenkins 00:05:55
    7. Install Jenkins 00:04:24
    8. Configure Jenkins 00:08:38
    9. Recap : Jenkins - Installation And Configuration 00:01:15
  3. Chapter 3 : Building Robust Jobs With Jenkins DSLs
    1. Introduction To Jenkins DSLs Jobs 00:02:22
    2. Benefits Of Jenkins DSLs 00:02:09
    3. Jenkins DSL Features 00:03:00
    4. Jenkins DSL API And DSL Job Playground 00:02:51
    5. Jenkins DSL Plugin 00:01:13
    6. Jenkins DSL Example Job 00:07:32
    7. Jenkins DSL Loops 00:05:48
    8. Jenkins DSL Branches And Variables 00:06:23
    9. Jenkins DSL Best Practices 00:03:38
    10. Jenkins DSL Job For Branches 00:06:42
    11. Delete Jenkins Job 00:04:09
    12. Create Jenkins Views 00:11:16
    13. Delete Jenkins Views 00:01:37
    14. Create Job Folders 00:02:38
    15. Recap : Building Robust Jobs With Jenkins DSLs 00:01:44
  4. Chapter 4 : Implement CICD Pipelines With Jenkins DSL
    1. Introduction - Implement CICD Pipelines With Jenkins DSL 00:01:38
    2. Overview Of CICD Pipeline Scenario 00:03:47
    3. Configure Jenkins Tools 00:04:27
    4. Review CICD Pipeline Jobs 00:08:00
    5. CICD Pipeline Steps With Apache ANT 00:02:15
    6. CI CD Pipeline Using ANT 00:02:14
    7. Jenkins DSL Script For ANT Based CICD Pipeline 00:02:46
    8. Run CICD Pipeline 00:04:56
    9. DSL Script Approval 00:02:39
    10. Deploy Node.JS Application 00:04:08
    11. Configure SSH For Jenkins 00:02:14
    12. DSL Scripts For Node.JS Application CICD Pipeline 00:09:25
    13. Deploy Node.JS Server With Jenkins DSL 00:08:44
    14. Recap : Implement CICD Pipelines With Jenkins DSL 00:01:25
  5. Chapter 5 : Conclusion
    1. Thanks! (Bonus Lecture) 00:03:52

Product Information

  • Title: DevOps Masterclass: CI/CD with Jenkins Pipelines Groovy DSL
  • Author(s): TetraNoodle Team, Ruchika Dare, Manuj Aggarwal
  • Release date: November 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781789953626