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DevOps On Google Cloud Platform

Video Description

Why Google Cloud Platform? According to Global Knowledge’s Survey for 2018 a GCP Cloud Architect had the highest salary at $139,529. Getting Google Cloud Certified or even just learning more can add value to your career earnings. Course UPDATED 04/20/2019 - Course materials update with downloaded pdf of over 170 pages. Looking to accomplish your Google Cloud Platform Certification or just learn more about GCP DevOps options and services? This course will focus on what DevOps is and how it applies to GCP Services.We will cover the major services as they relate to deploying a CI Pipeline or a CD Pipeline.We will also review Kubenetes Engine, App Engine and Cloud Functions. There will be numerous demos and whiteboard covering topics. What you can expect from the GCP Bootcamp? Condensed content focused on getting you knowledgeable in GCP DevOps Focus on CI Pipeline Services such as Cloud Build, Source Repositories, Container Registry and Kubenetes Engine. Over Thirty lectures covering DevOps on GCP Numerous links to reference material you need to study Contact info to ask any questions. Who would be the target audience? GCP Beginners. Some minor experience would be helpful since this course does not spend much time on GCP 100 materials Existing Solution Architects and Cloud Developers new to GCP. Existing Cloud Managers and Administrators Programmers Interested in Deploying Applications on GCP People interested in hosting highly scaleable, fault tolerant applications (such as Wordpress and Joomla) on the GCP platform IaaS or PaaS.