Chapter 3. Preparing the environment 99
The use of OPT=RESET must be RACF protected. Refer to “Defining
DFSMSrmm resources to RACF” on page 460, for additional information
about the RACF profiles.
3. Shut down the DFSMSrmm subsystem, using the following command:
When you see the following messages, DFSMSrmm is completely removed from
your system:
3.1.14 Setting up DFSMSrmm utilities
There are several DFSMSrmm utilities that you should set up now:
EDGHSKP is used to perform the following inventory management activities:
Vital record processing, to determine which volumes to retain and which
volume moves are required, based on VRSs
Expiration processing to identify volumes ready to be released and
returned to scratch
Storage location management processing to assign shelf locations to
volumes being moved to storage locations
Backup and recovery of the CDS and journal
Use the DFSMSrmm backup utilities rather than other backup utilities,
such as the IDCAMS EXPORT command, because DFSMSrmm provides
the necessary serialization and forward recovery functions. DFSMSrmm
backup utilities check whether the CDS is in use, tell the DFSMSrmm
subsystem that backup or recovery is in process, and provide a way to
forward recover.
Creation of an extract data set
You can produce movement and inventory reports by producing an extract
data set from the CDS, and creating a report from it with the report utility.
EDGAUD and EDGRPTD can help you in getting information about your
removable media library and storage locations. You can also get security
related information about volumes and data sets defined to DFSMSrmm, and
audit trail information about volumes, shelf assignments, and user activity.
Important: The OPT=RESET operand should only be used during parallel
running or testing, when DFSMSrmm must be completely removed from
the system due to an error, or because you need to reconvert.

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