Chapter 6

Eating Better for Health


check Consuming the right foods to help you manage your diabetes

check Recognizing the importance of certain vitamins and minerals

check Considering supplements for other nutrients

Some people literally go days, months, or years without exercising, but everyone has to eat on a (nearly) daily basis to stay alive and healthy, with or without diabetes. What you decide to chow down on matters to your long-term health and your blood glucose. Diabetes makes your food choices even more important.

In this chapter, I explain why your meal plan is so vital to keeping fit and how to get the most out of your body every day by making healthful choices — easily. You have a lot of tasty options that can benefit your body, both today and down the road, even if you don’t know it yet.

remember No matter what you eat, limiting your portions to amounts that allow you to manage both your blood glucose and your body weight and being active help keep you fitter and more healthy.

Knowing Which Foods Make a Body Healthy

Have you ever chosen the salad for your main meal when you ...

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