Chapter 19

Managing Diabetes as an Athlete


check Going beyond basic training levels

check Considering how adding or restricting carbs can affect your athletic performance

check Figuring out why you may not be performing at the level you want

An athlete lives in everyone, even if you don’t consider yourself one. Being athletic is more a state of mind than anything else. That said, some people with diabetes are actual competitive athletes, taking part in professional sports, the Olympics, and collegiate and high school competitions.

This chapter is geared toward helping you if you’re a competitive athlete, but it’s relevant even if you’re just a more serious recreational one. Many different factors can impact your exercise performance — which can be gauged by how well you do and how good you feel while doing it — and now just may the time for you to get a performance tune-up.

Taking Your Activity to the Next Level

Most of what you need to know about how to effectively progress your exercise training you can find in earlier chapters. How fast you progress should be an individual choice, but it does take time to establish an exercise habit and to increase your fitness level.

When your ...

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