Chapter 20

Ten Simple Steps to Adopting a Mediterranean Diet

In This Chapter

arrow Giving up salt

arrow Switching to whole grains

arrow Substituting fish and poultry for meat

arrow Using olive oil in place of butter

arrow Enjoying vegetables throughout the day

arrow Switching to fruits instead of cakes

You may think that giving up the diet you’ve followed all your life in favor of the Mediterranean diet requires a major upheaval in your lifestyle. The process may not be simple, but we guarantee you aren’t giving up good taste. We know you’ll enjoy the diet — and your blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight will all take a turn for the better. In this chapter, you find ten ways to go from your current diet to the Mediterranean diet.

Giving Up Salt in Favor of Herbs and Spices

Most people eat too much salt. Just reducing the salt in your diet will help to bring down your blood pressure, but you may complain ...

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