Appendix A

Restaurant Descriptions

After you’ve had a chance to look over and try some of the wonderful dishes in this book, you’ll never again think that people with diabetes can’t enjoy terrific meals! The chefs who contributed these recipes are health- and nutrition-conscious, and you’ll probably be able to find other choices on their menus that also fit your nutritional plan very well. However, note that we’ve tried to reduce kilocalories by reducing fat and sugar intake as much as possible — with the agreement of the chefs — as well as by keeping salt intake on the low side.

The meal you receive in the restaurant may not be exactly what you find here, especially because chefs change often; also, chefs sometimes cook for 100 or more people, and their measurements may not be exact every time. Most food must be prepared rapidly in a restaurant and not the same way. You’ll also receive a portion that is generally too large, so be prepared to take some home.

The restaurants that contributed recipes for this book are all fine restaurants that have been given the stamp of approval by various testing organizations. You won’t be disappointed no matter what you eat in these establishments, but the kilocalories and the distribution of carbohydrate, protein, and fat may not fit your nutritional plan perfectly. You need to adjust other meals and snacks to get your overall nutrition plan to conform to the guidelines for a full day (see Chapter 2).

The difficulty of preparation for the ...

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