You’re reading the 5th edition of Diabetes For Dummies, and you may be wondering why another edition is necessary. The previous edition (published in 2012) had everything you needed to know to reverse the plague of diabetes, yet the problem seems to be increasing, not decreasing. Following are some of the possible explanations for this situation:

  • Not enough people bought the last edition of the book.
  • Even if they bought it, not enough people followed the recommendations in the book.
  • Too many people aren’t even aware that this book exists.
  • No book or books can stop an avalanche after the snow starts rolling downhill.
  • Some new information, not available three years ago, may be able to make a major difference toward reversing diabetes, especially the information in Chapter 9.

The real answer is actually all of the above (and probably more reasons).

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently suggested that as many as one in three adults in the United States will have diabetes by the year 2050. The International Diabetes Federation reports that 387 million people had diabetes in 2014 and that 552 million will have the disease by 2030 — that’s one in every ten people on the earth. In a previous edition of this book, I set this figure at 366 million by 2030, so you can see that today’s predictions are even more dire than those of four years ago. This increase is because the population is aging, minority groups who have a higher risk for diabetes are increasing, ...

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