Chapter 3

Recognizing the Various Types of Diabetes

In This Chapter

arrow Paying attention to your pancreas

arrow Comparing type 1 and type 2 diabetes

arrow Being aware of other types of diabetes

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to your pancreas. This shy little organ — to which you’ve probably never given any attention — can rear its lovely head at entirely unexpected moments. (You probably didn’t even know that your pancreas has a head and a tail, but it does. Now you’ve broken the ice!) Most of the time, your pancreas hides behind your stomach, quietly doing its work by assisting with digestion first and then helping to make use of the digested food. The information in this chapter should put you on closer terms with your pancreas, which is good, because you need your pancreas as much as it needs you. In one way or another, the pancreas plays a role in all of the various types of diabetes.

Here’s the good news: You can prevent diabetes. Here’s the bad news: You can’t do so quite as easily as you may like. Your best method for preventing diabetes is to pick your parents carefully, but that method is slightly impractical, even with modern technology.

In general, you can prevent ...

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