Chapter 6

Preserving Sexual Function and Protecting Pregnancy

In This Chapter

arrow Treating impotence caused by diabetes

arrow Dealing with female sexual problems

arrow Coping with diabetes in pregnancy

arrow Recognizing polycystic ovarian syndrome

Nothing is quite so pleasant as walking into the hospital room of a mother with diabetes holding her healthy newborn. Pregnancy associated with diabetes used to be a disaster for both the baby and the mother. No longer. With the proper precautions, diabetic pregnancies can proceed like pregnancies without diabetes. This chapter describes everything you need to know from start to finish, including overcoming obstacles to intercourse, enjoying a healthy pregnancy, and delivering a healthy baby.

Men with diabetes have sexual problems as well. Fortunately, they are manageable, so I get started here with their issues.

Examining Erection Problems

If carefully questioned, up to 50 percent of all males with diabetes admit to having difficulty with sexual function. This difficulty usually takes the form of erectile dysfunction (ED), the inability to have or sustain ...

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