Chapter 7

Self-Testing for Glucose and Other Key Tests

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding why monitoring is a must

arrow Checking glucose with meters and A1c

arrow Testing for kidney damage

arrow Examining your eyes and feet

arrow Finding your level of cholesterol and other fats

arrow Gauging your blood pressure, weight, and other details

You may wonder what you have to do to prevent the complications of diabetes that I describe in Chapters 4 through 6, and the answer is a fair amount, which I discuss in this chapter. But when you weigh the benefits that add up to a longer, better-quality life against the loss of time and money from preventive care, the benefits of preventive care win by a landslide.

With preventive care, you can take advantage of an explosion of new tests and treatments that have only been available for the last 35 years, beginning with self-testing of blood glucose in 1980 right up to new tests ...

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