Chapter 10

Creating Your Exercise Plan

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the importance of exercise

arrow Tailoring exercise for type 1 and type 2 patients

arrow Determining how long and how hard to exercise

arrow Picking an activity you like

In the Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes 2015, the American Diabetes Association makes the following recommendations:

  • Adults with diabetes should perform at least 150 minutes each week of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity (50 to 70 percent of maximum heart rate), spread over at least three days per week, with no more than two consecutive days without exercise.
  • In the absence of a medical reason not to, adults with diabetes should perform resistance training that involves all muscle groups at least twice per week.
  • Adults older than 65 should follow the physical guidelines if possible and if not possible, be as physically active as able.
  • All individuals, including those with diabetes, should limit the amount of time being sedentary by breaking up extended amounts of time (greater than 90 minutes) sitting.

If your time is limited, you don’t have ...

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