Chapter 15

Dealing With Occupational and Insurance Problems

In This Chapter

arrow Following airline regulations

arrow Being denied certain jobs

arrow Finding the law on your side

arrow Working the medical-insurance system

arrow Maintaining coverage when your employment changes

arrow Obtaining long-term care and life insurance

After we got his diabetes under control, one of my patients wrote to his mother, “Dear Mom, I’m not working, but my pancreas is.” Most people need to work, and some people even want to work. People need to work for the same reason that a certain man didn’t turn in his brother-in-law who thought he was a chicken: We need the eggs.

As a person with diabetes, when you try to get a job, you may run into various forms of discrimination. Part of the problem is the fear that the company will have to pay higher insurance premiums if it hires a person with a chronic illness. Part of the problem is a lack ...

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