Chapter 16

Eyeing What’s New in Diabetes Care

In This Chapter

arrow Choosing the right medications

arrow Exploring studies that may someday lead to changes in treatment

arrow Investigating the link between heart disease and diabetes

In previous editions of Diabetes For Dummies, I have enthusiastically spoken about the great efforts of pharmaceutical companies to provide you with the best drugs to lower your glucose, reduce your blood pressure, and lower your cholesterol. In this edition I have the sad responsibility to warn you about these same pharmaceutical companies.

As a consequence of my skepticism, I’m not going to talk about new drugs in this chapter but rather about how to make informed choices about medications and new products that may make managing your disease easier. In addition, you find out about major efforts to get cells that don’t usually make insulin to turn into the insulin-producing beta cells. I also tell you about some possible links between diabetes and other medical conditions.

Protecting Yourself from the Dangers of New Drugs

In an effort to instantly gratify their stockholders and find the next “billion dollar drug,” drug companies seem to have lost sight of their ...

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