Chapter 18

Ten Commandments for Excellent Diabetes Care

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the importance of monitoring, dieting, testing, and exercising

arrow Solidifying prevention with medication, the right attitude, and planning

When I originally wrote this chapter, I came up with 20 things you had to do in order to prevent or reverse the effects of diabetes. I decided that was too much to ask of you, so I reduced the list to ten essentials. Surely you can do everything in this chapter when you consider that it is only half as difficult!

Can you pick and choose what you will do? No. Everything here is essential to living a long and high quality life with diabetes. You wouldn’t want to save your sight and lose your kidneys. So read this chapter very carefully and practice every recommendation. And if you think I should have left any of the other ten behaviors in, let me know.

Major Monitoring

You have this incredibly compact and accurate glucose meter. Now you want to use it to find out how your blood glucose is doing at any time of day or night under any circumstances. You don’t feel well. Is it low blood glucose or the beginning of a cold? Test! You just ate a large portion of pasta. Did it raise your blood glucose too much? Test! You can monitor your glucose in so many ways, almost ...

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