Chapter 2

Analyzing a Corpus of Traditional Bread Making 1

2.1. Introduction

Continuing on from Chapter 1 which focused on a concrete use of the ASW studio in creating a thematic educational dossier for A Thousand and One Nights, we will examine in this chapter the processes used to develop the two dossiers based on a series of situations developed through ASW-HSS project. These two dossiers focus on artisan bread making.

Our choice of subject will obviously be based on a subject that is an integral part of food culture in a number of countries and of which we have a representative body of data. There are a number of ways of studying this, both scientifically (i.e. anthropology, ethnology, sociology, etc.), professionally and technically (i.e. relating to the food industry, professional and commercial methods).

This choice is also justified by current events since “the gastronomic meal of the French” has been classified as part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO1, and bread is considered as a basic source of food in Western civilization since the world is witnessing food crises and the challenges due to these crises. The aim is therefore to create:

– an educational dossier to educate people about a culture and tradition, which face extinction if the cultural and family traditions that have so far kept it alive begin to disappear;

– a communicative dossier to valorize the cultural events.

Importance of these evaluative and educational online dossiers lies ...

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