Digital Collage and Painting: Using Photoshop and Painter to Create Fine Art

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Digital Collage and Painting proudly showcases the work of twenty-one talented digital artists. Each artist walks you through the creation of a piece of their art and lets you in on their secrets about equipment, software, favorite papers, and how their creative process begins. The artists included are:

Audrey Bernstein
Paul Biddle
Leslye Bloom
Stephen Burns
Luzette Donohue
Katrin Eismann
Paul Elson
Steven Friedman
Ileana Frómeta Grillo
Bill Hall
Julieanne Kost
Rick Lieder
Bobbi Doyle-Maher
Ciro Marchetti
Lou Oates
Cher Threinen-Pendarvis
James G. Respess
Fay Sirkis
Jeremy Sutton
Maggie Taylor
Pep Ventosa

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Halftitle
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Contents
  6. Dedication
  7. Part I Planning and Inspiration
    1. Chapter One Concept
      1. What is a Collage, Montage, or Assemblage?
      2. What is a Digital Painting?
      3. Think it Out First, Assembling the Needed Images
      4. Are You Drowning in Digital Files?
      5. What is the Intended Output Size?
    2. Chapter Two Important Considerations Before you Begin
      1. Unifying Factors
        1. Texture
        2. Color
        3. Contrast
        4. Noise and Grain
      2. Scale
        1. Tree House Exercise
        2. Rotating, Distorting, and Transforming
      3. Lighting
        1. Directionality of Light
        2. Quality of Light
        3. Dramatic vs. Subtle
      4. Projects: Places That Never Were
        1. Australian Boulder
        2. Hawaiian Waterfall
        3. Menace in Venice
    3. Chapter Three Inspiration
      1. Digital Artists and Their Work
        1. Paul Biddle
        2. Julieanne Kost
        3. Maggie Taylor
        4. Lou Oates
        5. Katrin Eismann
        6. Stephen M. Burns
        7. James G. Respess
        8. Bobbi Doyle-Maher
        9. Cher Threinen-Pendarvis
        10. Ciro Marchetti
        11. Leslye Bloom
        12. Luzette Donohue
        13. Ileana Frómeta Grillo
        14. Fay Sirkis
        15. Jeremy Sutton
        16. Paul Elson
        17. Bill Hall
        18. Steven Friedman
        19. Audrey S. Bernstein
        20. Rick Lieder
        21. Pep Ventosa
  8. Part II Step-by-Step Painting
    1. Chapter Four Painting in Photoshop with Your Photos
      1. How to Use Photoshop Filters and the History Brush to Create a Digital Painting
      2. Using the Art History Brush to Create a Digital Painting
      3. Using the Pattern Stamp to Create a Digital Painting
      4. Using the Art History Brush and Emboss Filter to Create a Textured Digital Painting
      5. Photo Illustration Using the Find Edges Filter
      6. Hand-color a Black and White Photo
      7. Edge Effects for FREE!
        1. Scanner Edge Effects
        2. Film Edge Effects
    2. Chapter Five Painting in Painter
      1. Simple Cloning Techniques
      2. Pastel Cloning
      3. Oil Paint Cloning
      4. More Oil Painting
      5. Combining a Variety of Mediums into One Painting
      6. Adding Texture to Your Painting
      7. Old Masters Inspiration
      8. Photo Illustration
        1. Photocopy-Inspired Painting
        2. Edges and Cloning
      9. Painterly Edge Effects
      10. Painting for the Artistically Challenged
    3. Chapter Six Assembling a Collage in Photoshop
      1. Simple Collages
      2. Collage with Lighting Effect
      3. Suspend True Scale
      4. Themed Collages
      5. Suspend Reality
      6. Pile on the Layers
      7. Shadow Power
      8. Gridded Collages
      9. Collage Possibilities for Wedding Photography
    4. Chapter Seven Assembling a Collage in Painter
      1. Using Painter’s Image Hose
      2. Using Painter’s Unique Brushes for Texture in a Collage
      3. Using Colored Paper and the Brush Creator
        1. More Cloning
      4. Combining the Power of Painter and Photoshop in a Collage
    5. Chapter Eight The Paradox: The Absolute Truth and the Exquisite Lie—Creating a Panorama in Photoshop
      1. Concept and Preparation
      2. Exposure Controls, Proper Overlap, Tripod or Not?
      3. Relying on Layer Transparency and Layer Masking
        1. Step-By-Step Panorama Instructions Using Collaging Techniques
      4. “Grab Shot” Panoramas
      5. Faux Panoramas
      6. Themed Panorama-Style Linear Collages
      7. Hurry-Up Panoramas—Using Photoshop’s Photomerge
        1. Printing Panoramas
      8. Fractured Panoramas
  9. Part III Artistic Considerations
    1. Chapter Nine Filters
      1. Using All the Great Filters Available in Photoshop
      2. Favorite Photoshop Filters
        1. Find Edges
        2. Photoshop Photo Filters
        3. Motion Blur
        4. Creating a Black and White Pencil Sketch Effect Using Filters
        5. Similar Effects in Photoshop and Painter
      3. Third-Party Filter Plug-Ins
        1. nik Color Efex Pro Filters
      4. Applying Filters Selectively
        1. Auto FX Filters
    2. Chapter Ten Experimentation
      1. Combining Traditional Media with Digital
        1. Printmaking: Woodcuts, Intaglio and Lithography, and Silk-Screening
        2. Overprinting and Collaging
        3. Lazertran onto Marble, Glass, Tile, Fabric, and Silk
      2. InkAID—Making Your Own Inkjet Paper
      3. Japanese Inkjet Coated Papers
      4. Thinking Creatively: Paint It, Draw On It, Tear It, Glue It, and More
      5. Combining Drawing and Photography
      6. Creative Use of Papers for Albums
        1. IPhoto Books
        2. Kolo Albums
        3. Other Album/Book Possibilities
    3. Chapter Eleven Projects for You
      1. Project 1: Gridded Collage Exercise
      2. Project 2: Masks and Transparency Exercise
      3. Project 3: Panorama Exercise
      4. Project 4: Painting in Photoshop
      5. Project 5: Painting in Painter
    4. Chapter Twelve Essential Photoshop and Painter Techniques to Master
      1. Photoshop Selection Tools
      2. Photoshop: Transforming for Scale
      3. Photoshop: Layer Adjustments
      4. Photoshop: Layer Masks
      5. Photoshop: Art History Brush
        1. Build Your Own Brush
      6. Photoshop: Blending Modes
        1. Color
        2. Overlay
      7. Photoshop: Using Layer Adjustments, Layer Masks, and Blending Modes Together
        1. Editing Your Images: Retouching—Cover-Girl Skin, Brightening Teeth and Eyes
      8. Painter Basic Papers
      9. Painter Cloning Brushes
        1. Cloning Without a Cloning Brush
    5. Chapter Thirteen Resources
      1. Suppliers: Equipment, Software, Tools, and Artist Materials
      2. Digital Collage and Painting Web Site
  10. Index

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  • Title: Digital Collage and Painting: Using Photoshop and Painter to Create Fine Art
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: June 2006
  • Publisher(s): Focal Press
  • ISBN: 9781136107016