Chapter 10

Email Best Practices That Won't Let You Down


Bullet Revealing the essence of email

Bullet Drawing the response you want from your professional email

Bullet Perfecting the tone, word choice, and context of your email

Email is email is email, right? You open up your email app, start a new message, write a note, and then send it off. Easy!

Then, if that’s the case, why are we constantly overwhelmed and frustrated by email?

Email has become a key source of communication, both professionally and personally, so how can we make our email as effective as possible? In this chapter, we review the fundamentals of what makes email email. You’ll find out how you can be more effective in your email communication as well as how to make those around you thank you for your email — instead of deleting it before opening it.

Emailing for Personal Use versus Emailing for Business Purposes

Email has become a key source of communication personally and professionally, but there are some differences in how you should use it, depending on whom you're communicating with. So, how can you make your email as effective as possible?

Let's start by looking at the difference between emailing for personal ...

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