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Digital Food Photography

Book Description

Coverage includes—

  • Lou Manna has more than 30 years' experience working with chefs, photographing cookbooks, and shooting food for publications such as Wine Enthusiast, Food Arts, and The New York Times, where he worked as a photojournalist from 1975 to 1990. Manna is an early adopter of digital technology—he has been shooting digitally for more than 10 years. Manna has worked on location and in his studio with famous chefs such as Michael Lomonaco, Jacques Pepin, Bobby Flay, Lidia Bastianich, and Emeril Lagasse. He has appeared on ABC TV's World of Photography and on the Food Network, and has lectured at the French Culinary Institute. Manna's award-winning photos have appeared in more than 30 cookbooks, including Dr. Phil's The Ultimate Weight Solution Cookbook, Jacques Torres's Dessert Circus, Pierre Franey's Cuisine Rapide, and Arthur Hettich's The Four Star Kitchen. He recently provided a number of shots for The New York Times's bestsellers America 24/7 and New York 24/7.

  • Updated for today's digital technology, this book is useful to both professional as well as amateur photographers interested in the realm of food photography.

  • Combines art and business aspects and techniques of this commercial photography area with tips on how to get started, succeed, and remain successful.

  • Features beautiful full-color photos to help you visualize how to make your subjects look appetizing and appealing in any situation.

  • Covers the necessary business skills and flexibility you must possess in order to meet various demands.

  • Written by an expert in the areas of photography, food styling, and digital media.

  • Table of Contents

    1. Copyright
    2. Acknowledgments
    3. About the Author
    4. Introduction
    5. The Key Ingredient: Pixels
      1. The Way It Was: Working with Film
      2. The Digital Age
      3. The Digital Process
      4. Digital Advantage
      5. Digital Challenges
    6. Digital Photography: The Necessities
      1. Selecting a Digital Camera and Accessories
      2. Understanding and Using Your Digital Camera
    7. Who’s Digesting It: Advertising, Packaging, Public Relations, and the Media
      1. Questions, Questions, Questions
      2. The Digital Reality Check
      3. Shooting for Advertising, Packaging, Media Usage, and Public Relations
      4. Tabasco
      5. Barilla
    8. Who’s Doing the Cooking: Working with Food Stylists
      1. What Is a Food Stylist?
      2. Pre-Production
      3. At the Shoot
      4. Food-Styling Trends
      5. Food-Styling Techniques and Tricks
    9. Prop Styling: Who’s Doing the Shopping?
      1. The Creative Process
      2. Basic Considerations
      3. Locating Props
      4. At the Shoot
      5. Understanding Style
      6. A Visual Comparison of Prop Styles
    10. Grabbing Your Attention: Composition
      1. Impact and Proportion
      2. Depth of Field
      3. A Visual Comparison of Compositions
    11. The Recipe for Light
      1. The Importance of Proper Exposure
      2. Lighting for Digital Food Photography
      3. A Visual Comparison of Lighting Setups
    12. The Digital Spice: Retouching
      1. Adobe Photoshop
      2. Setting Up the Digital Workstation
      3. Organizing Your Data
      4. The Art of Retouching Food: Using Adobe Photoshop
      5. Preparing for Reproduction
    13. Get Cooking and Make Some Money: Getting into the Business
      1. Overhead
      2. Marketing Yourself to Clients and Agents
      3. Stock Photography
      4. Creative Team
      5. Database and Image Storage
      6. Financial Matters
      7. Saving for the Future
      8. Protecting Yourself
      9. Copyright Issues
    14. Photo Credits
    15. Index