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Digital Forensics for Cyber Professionals

Video Description

Hands-On Digital Forensics for Real World Application

About This Video

  • Learn about basic and advanced techniques you will need to gain a grasp on GIAC and other Computer Forensic certifications.

In Detail

In this course you will learn how to use open source tools to collect digital forensic information from Linux and Windows systems. You will learn how to conduct static malware analysis of live 'Ransomware' using forensics tools and techniques.This course focuses on screencast demonstrations of how to use these tools in a step-by-step manner so you can start doing forensics work immediately on your own. Digital Forensics OverviewRecovery and ReconstructionReversing and Malware AnalysisWindows and Linux Live ResponseIncident Response TechniquesRed and Blue Team Tools Conduct Forensic Analysis of Hacker ActivitiesCAINEForensics Tools and StorageLearn to use open source tools such as CAINE to do forensic analysis on live systems. The Cyber Forensics field is red hot. Stake your claim now!