Digital Marketer - BCS Guides to IT Roles

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Digital marketing is now essential to making products and services a success and digital marketers are more and more in demand. This book is your guide to becoming an efficient and effective digital marketer, covering the expertise and array of skills you will need; how to stay current and future-proof your career; useful digital marketing tools, channels, frameworks and procedures; how to measure campaign success, and how to take the next steps to advance your digital marketing career. ---
'Finally! Someone has broken down the very complex industry of Digital Marketing! I hope that every college assigns this book to first year marketing and business students and that everyone who is currently in marketing reads it to understand that digital marketing is not just advertising online. I know I'll be sharing it far and wide.'
Tara Hunt , digital marketing agency owner, social media pioneer, and author of 'The Whuffie Factor' ----

'A handy companion book for anyone looking to gain a marketing qualification or embark upon a successful career in marketing in our digital age. Our fast-evolving industry needs a constant stream of fresh talent to create tomorrow’s winning campaigns. With this book as your guide, the next great digital marketer might be you.'
Allister Frost , Founder and Managing Consultant, Wild Orange Media Ltd ----

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  • Title: Digital Marketer - BCS Guides to IT Roles
  • Author(s): Eileen Brown, Betsy Aoki
  • Release date: November 2018
  • Publisher(s): BCS Learning & Development Limited
  • ISBN: 9781780174020