Chapter 5

Getting Creative


Bullet Exercising your creativity

Bullet Making magic with your personal insights

Bullet Avoiding the controversial

Bullet Managing “crazy”

Now you’re ready to tackle your influencer marketing programs with gusto! Time to have some fun!

Of course, no one will care if your marketing efforts are “fun” if they don’t produce real results. But the best part about social media marketing is that fun tends to equal effective.

Think you’re ready to have some fun? Of course, you are!

Getting Creative and Letting Go

Social media is a loud, crowded space full of millions of people talking over each other. Standing out isn’t easy! Engaging influencers to create content that resonates with their audience is a great first step — you know their audiences are receptive. But even the most loyal influencer fan will click or tap to something else if the content they’re seeing is something they’ve seen a million times before. No one wants content that is stale, boring, corporate, or lame.

As with all social media advertising, creating great content is tricky because users are savvy. ...

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