Chapter 3

Looking at YouTube


Bullet Exploring the benefits of marketing on YouTube

Bullet Creating custom content for your channel

Bullet Harnessing the value of comments on videos

Bullet Discovering advertising on YouTube

YouTube ( is a social platform that has had explosive growth in the last thirteen years. Launched in 2005, it’s the number one website for online videos. Whenever marketers think of viral marketing, they think in terms of YouTube. You can’t afford to overlook it as a marketing vehicle. In fact, today some marketers liken it to a TV network both in terms of its importance to consumers and its potential reach. (Not surprisingly, YouTube itself has noticed this and launched “premium channels” that function just like TV channels.) But what is probably even more interesting is that with 1.9 billion plus monthly visitors to YouTube from around the world and 300 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute, if YouTube were a cable network, it would be the largest one.

What some marketers seem to forget is that developing a social media marketing strategy ...

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