Chapter 8

Capturing Traffic with Search Marketing


check Focusing on search marketing fundamentals

check Analyzing search queries

check Optimizing for search traffic on popular sites

check Attracting robots

check Earning links to your web pages

No discipline in digital marketing has evolved over the years quite as dramatically as search marketing. In the early days of the Internet, search engines like Alta Vista, Lycos, and Yahoo! were fairly unsophisticated. Search marketers who understood the simple factors these sites used to rank websites could drive search engine traffic to a page regardless of its quality.

Today, search engines like Google consider hundreds of factors in deciding which web page to display for a search. In the current search marketing landscape, the best web pages usually win. Sure, loopholes still exist, exploited by less-than-reputable search marketers, but the scales have tipped toward those who play by the rules. In this chapter, you discover those rules and put yourself ...

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