Digital Mayhem 3D Machine Techniques

Book description

From Icy Tundras to Desert savannahs, master the art of landscape and environment design for 2D and 3D digital content. Make it rain, shower your digital scene with a snow storm or develop a believable urban scene with a critical eye for modeling, lighting and composition. Move beyond the limitations of gallery style coffee table books with Digital Mayhem: 3D Landscapes-offering leading professional techniques, groundbreaking inspiration, and artistic mastery from some of the greatest digital artists. More than just a gallery book - each artist has written a breakdown overview, with supporting imagery of how they made their piece of work. Compiled by Duncan Evans, founder and inspiration behind 3DArtist Magazine, start your mentorship into the world of digital art today with some of the greatest digital artists in the world! Develop your landscape and background skills beyond the variety of free online tutorials and apply the most up to date techniques, like colour and contrast enhancements, sharpening, composition, lighting and more! Expand your digital canvas to include a variety of software techniques, tools and workflows featuring Photoshop, Painter, Maya and 3ds Max examples. A source of inspiration for digital artists everywhere: more than 50 artists and 700 stunning color images are showcased with an in-depth companion website that includes professional source files and further technique based skills development.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Dedication
  6. Table of Contents
  7. Section 1 Previz for Machines
    1. Chapter 1
      1. Software choice Get the right software tool for the job
      2. Composition Present the objects for maximum impact
      3. Render camera lenses Different focal lengths change the image
      4. Using depth-of-field When to go shallow for creative effect
      5. Colour temperature What temperatures suit which machine types
      6. Stereoscopic imagery When you really want to enter the third dimension
  8. Section 2 Machine Masters at Work
    1. Chapter 2 Cars
      1. TUTORIAL Creating the Lamborghini Aventador
      2. Morning Glory
      3. Corvette Stingray
      4. 1927 Duesenberg
      5. Blitzen Benz
      6. TUTORIAL How to animate an Audi R8
    2. Chapter 3 Industrial and Agricultural
      1. Diesel Generator
      2. EGR-8 Mob Welder
      3. Spider Crane
      4. TUTORIAL Industrial power
    3. Chapter 4 Powered Flight
      1. Boeing 747
      2. MiG-21
      3. Antoinette
      4. TUTORIAL Model and texture the Space Shuttle
    4. Chapter 5 Motorbikes
      1. Suzuki RMZ 450
      2. Moto Lito
      3. TUTORIAL Creating a Café Racer
      4. BONUS IMAGE Alarm Clock
    5. Chapter 6 Trains and Trams
      1. Street Davis
      2. Gagarin
      3. Monorail
      4. Baldwin Steam Train
      5. TUTORIAL Building the Lisbon Tram
    6. Chapter 7 Ground-Based Military
      1. TUTORIAL Building the military machine
      2. Tank!
      3. Abrams MBT
      4. V1 Tiger
      5. TUTORIAL Heavy duty action with the HEMMT-M1075
    7. Chapter 8 Nautical
      1. The Escort
      2. Black Pearl
      3. The Lost Keys
      4. TUTORIAL Lost at sea
    8. Chapter 9 Steampunk
      1. The Flying Duchess
      2. Enemiesor Allies
      3. TUTORIAL Creating a steampunk air fleet
    9. Chapter 10 Robots
      1. TUTORIAL Sculpting a glamorous android
      2. AEG27_CERN 05
      3. Rebuild
      4. Captain-TE
      5. Robot
      6. Alien Cyborg
      7. TUTORIAL Mixing nature and robotics
    10. Chapter 11 SCI-FI Vehicles
      1. Racer A
      2. Crater City
      3. Airship Concept
      4. TUTORIAL Post-apocalyptic warfare
    11. Chapter 12 SCI-FI Spaceships
      1. Roof, Rocket, Beyond
      2. Spaceship over Madrid
      3. Mining Colony
      4. Refiller Cargo Terminal
      5. TUTORIAL Creating a heavily armoured spaceship
  9. Section 3 Post Production Editing
    1. Chapter 13 Post Production
      1. Using speed How best to represent a sense of motion in the image
      2. Effects of depth When you really don’t want to see all of the background
      3. Getting dirty Adding those elements that make the image less digital
      4. Getting the right size for your render Don’t waste resources or time, get the right resolution instead
      5. Selecting colour profiles Those neon colours look great, but not if it has to be printed
    2. Chapter 14 Appendix–Resources
      1. Resources
      2. Acknowledgements
      3. Index

Product information

  • Title: Digital Mayhem 3D Machine Techniques
  • Author(s): Duncan Evans
  • Release date: October 2014
  • Publisher(s): Routledge
  • ISBN: 9781136145810