Digital Media Workshop

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Digital Web and Mobile Development without heavy coding.

About This Video

  • Learn to create content for large-scale sites
  • Manage a steady stream of content for extensive sites

In Detail

Digital content management professionals manage all types of content that appears in the digital form; that's everything you see on a website, mobile site, or in an application, and includes text, video, audio, and other forms of content.

This course covers the following aspects of digital content management:

Digital distribution

Digital distribution is content distributed via electronic (computer-mediated) means. There are several channels for digital distribution that you likely use daily, but hardly think about. These include video on demand (such as Netflix), television-based apps, Apple TV, digital magazines, streaming videos, and streaming music. A successful digital content manager must be aware of the different ways to distribute content.


In the digital world, any content is just a video, copy, or audio unless it's directed toward an audience. This is where marketing and digital content management overlap. Content that is developed and electronically distributed is aimed at an external audience for commercial purposes.


Like everything else in the media, online channels need to be curated and administrated. Digital content managers need to remove or modify old and outdated content and release new content on social channels regularly to get a bump in views or readers.

The vastness of the DCM role keeps us from experimenting with all types of tools available, but as you advance in the field, you'll be able to build your own slate of tools to create and manage content. This course takes you through exactly what you need to know to create and manage big-time sites as a professional digital content manager.

Product Information

  • Title: Digital Media Workshop
  • Author(s): Mark Lassoff
  • Release date: May 2019
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781838820626