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Digital Performer 4 CSi Starter, 1st Edition

Video Description

This CSi Starter provides new users with an effective interactive environment for learning Digital Performer 4. It acts as a vehicle for users to see and hear the steps of producing a song as an experienced user takes them through it. Users are guided from set up, through recording, editing, mixing to creating a CD/MP3 and backing up their files. To encourage users to get comfortable with working within DP, users can easily switch between the CSi and Digital Performer itself. It's an ideal structure for users that like to jump right into an application and practice what they舗ve just learned. "Digital Performer 4 CSi Starter" can be used as a great first step to learning the basics and becoming familiar with the application. Then, users can dive into learning the more advanced functions of Digital Performer found on "Digital Performer 4 CSi Master", (159200167X). Either way, it's a must-have for the creative users that make up the large audience of computer-based musicians.

Table of Contents

  1. Product Mission 00:02:18
  2. Audio Setup 00:06:21
  3. MIDI Setup 00:06:18
  4. Virtual Instrument 00:02:26
  5. Project File 00:03:42
  6. Mixer Transport 00:03:56
  7. Saving Songs 00:03:25
  8. Importing Audio 00:06:46
  9. Recording Audio 00:08:21
  10. Recording MIDI 00:08:17
  11. Recording Virtual Instruments 00:05:28
  12. Overdubbing 00:07:42
  13. Tools Overview 00:09:05
  14. Editing Audio 00:12:45
  15. Editing MIDI 00:10:50
  16. Basic Blend 00:06:31
  17. Adding Effects 1 00:08:07
  18. Adding Effects 2 00:10:47
  19. Bus Auxillary Track 00:08:07
  20. Master Fader 00:07:09
  21. Audio Automation 00:08:12
  22. MIDI Automation 00:07:59
  23. Bounce 00:05:40
  24. Burning CDs 00:05:09
  25. Creating MP3s 00:05:42
  26. Backing Up 00:04:55