Can’t remember the difference between a pixel and a bit? Resolution and resampling? Turn here for a quick refresher on that digital photography term that’s stuck somewhere in the dark recesses of your brain and refuses to come out and play. Note that some terms you find here are only discussed here; even though I don't talk about them in the book, I’ve included them in the glossary in case you encounter them when perusing digital photography magazines and websites.

24-bit image
An image containing approximately 16.7 million colors.
Adobe RGB
A color space option available on some cameras. (The color space determines how many colors a camera can capture.) Adobe RGB includes more colors than the default option, sRGB, but also involves some complications that make it a better choice for advanced photographers than for beginners.
Auto Exposure Bracketing, a feature that automatically records three exposures: one at the selected exposure settings, one using settings that produce a darker image, and one using settings that produce a brighter image. It’s a useful tool for ensuring that at least one exposure is good when you shoot in tricky lighting.
AE lock
A way to prevent the camera’s autoexposure (AE) system from changing the current exposure settings if you reframe the picture or the lighting changes before the image is recorded.
One of three critical exposure controls; an opening made by an adjustable diaphragm, which permits light to enter through ...

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