Chapter 12

Top Ten Maintenance and Emergency Care Tips


Maximizing battery power

Protecting the memory card

Safeguarding your camera and lens

Cleaning the image sensor

Keeping records of your equipment purchases

Recovering accidentally deleted photos

Nothing is more frustrating to a photographer than missing a shot because of an equipment malfunction. To help you avoid that disappointment, this chapter discusses critical maintenance steps and offers tips for dealing with unexpected emergencies.

Conserve Battery Power

Your camera won't even turn on, let alone take a picture, without adequate battery power. So check the user guide to find out where to locate battery-status information; usually, it's indicated by a symbol similar to the one shown in Figure 12-1. A full battery symbol like the one in the figure means the battery is charged; bars inside the icon disappear as the battery drains.


FIGURE 12-1: Check the battery-status symbol frequently to make sure you don't run out of power during a shoot.

remember When the battery level approaches the danger zone, use these strategies to make the most of the remaining power:

  • Disable or limit the use of energy-hogging features. Two big energy consumers are the monitor and the flash, assuming that the latter is of the built-in ...

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