Chapter 9. Photographing Portraits in Your Home or Office

You can create portraits anywhere as long as you've got a subject and a photogenic — or for that matter, Plain Jane — background. But if you really want to tell something about your subject, photograph him in his home or in his office. Viewers of the photo can learn a lot more about your subject because of the background and surrounding objects. This type of photography has its rewards as well as challenges. In this chapter, I show you techniques for creating interesting portraits of your subject where he works and lives.

In This Chapter

Becoming the Family Photojournalist

You've got a digital camera and know how to use it. So use it. Photograph any of your family's meaningful moments, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and so on. Photograph the everyday events as well. Life is short.

If you have both very young and very old relatives, the young relatives may have a hard time remembering the older members of your family when they're no longer on this mortal plane. But if you take your camera with you wherever you go and photograph your family and relatives at family gatherings, parties, or just being themselves in their homes, you create a legacy for your immediate relatives and future generations. If you're ...

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