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Digital Sense

Book Description

Compete in the digital world with pragmatic strategies for success

Digital Sense provides a complete playbook for organizations seeking a more engaged customer experience strategy. By reorganizing sales and marketing to compete in today's digital-first, omni-channel environment, you gain newfound talent and knowledge from the resources already at hand. This book provides two pragmatic frameworks for implementing and customizing a new marketing operating system at any size organization, with step-by-step roadmaps for optimizing your customer experience to gain a competitive advantage. The Experience Marketing Framework and the Social Business Strategy Framework break down proven methods for exceeding the expectations customers form throughout the entirety of the buying journey. Customizable for any industry, sector, or scale, these frameworks can help your organization leap to the front of the line.

The evolution of marketing and sales demands a revolution in business strategy, but realizing the irrelevance of traditional methods doesn't necessarily mean knowing what comes next. This book shows you how to compete in today's market, with real-world frameworks for implementation.

  • Optimize competitive advantage and customer experience
  • Map strategy back to business objectives
  • Engage customers with a pragmatic, proven marketing system
  • Reorganize sales and marketing to fill talent and knowledge gaps

Today's customer is savvy, with more options than ever before. It's critical to meet them where they are, and engagement is the cornerstone of any cohesive, effective strategy. The technological revolution has opened many doors for marketing and sales, but the key is knowing what lies behind each one—what works for your competitor may not be right for you. Digital Sense cuts through the crosstalk and confusion to give you a solid strategy for success.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Foreword
  7. Preface: A Tale of Two “Tweeties”
    1. The “Save Our Chiefs” Movement
    2. Optus in Australia
    3. The Genesis of This Book
    4. Notes
  8. Section I: Overview
    1. Chapter 1: The Game at Speed
      1. Why Your Organization Needs a Digital Sense DNA Layer
      2. The Game Has Forever Been Changed
      3. Bits of Knowledge
      4. Who Is This Book For?
      5. Note
    2. Chapter 2: Influencers, Zombies, and Everything Between
      1. The Rise of Digital Transformation
      2. Attention and Trust
      3. Influencers, Amplifiers, Motivatables, and Zombies
      4. Notes
  9. Section II: Building a Customer-Centric Organization
    1. Chapter 3: Introducing the Experience Marketing Framework
      1. The Framework to Ask Powerful Questions
      2. The Experience Marketing Framework
      3. Customer Experience Is the Battleground in a Digital World
      4. Takeaways from Introducing the EMF
      5. Notes
    2. Chapter 4: The Insights Layer
      1. The Customer Is the Main Thing
      2. Customers, Competitors, and Forces
      3. The Customer
      4. The Importance of Persona and Customer Journey Mapping
      5. Audience Development Exercise
      6. Look Honestly at Your Competitive Landscape
      7. The Customer Is the Asset
      8. “Use the Force, Luke!”
      9. The 6 Ds (Phases) as Classified by Peter Diamandis
      10. Notes
    3. Chapter 5: Mind over Organizational Matter
      1. Mind and Brain Mechanics 101
      2. Substance Is all Around Us. We Just Need the Thought.
      3. The Stick-Person Explained
      4. Understanding the Mind Using the Stick-Person Graphic
      5. The Six Intellectual Faculties
      6. What to Do When the Zombies Attack
      7. Break through Your Comfort Zone
      8. Nothing Stays the Same!
      9. Notes
    4. Chapter 6: The Vision Layer
      1. The Vision Layer + Social Business
      2. The Vision Layer Exercises
      3. Customer Journeys
      4. The Journey Map Touch Point Exercise
      5. Scope
      6. Takeaways from the Vision Layer
      7. Notes
    5. Chapter 7: The Success Layer
      1. What Is a Social Business?
      2. Begin with the End in Mind
      3. Loops, Love, and ROI
      4. Optimizing the Operational Loop
      5. Audit 1: ROT Content Audit
      6. Audit 2: Brand Guidelines Audit
      7. Audit 3: Heuristic Audit
      8. Good Governance Guidelines
      9. Takeaways from the Success Layer
      10. Notes
  10. Section III: Social Business Strategies and Tactics
    1. Chapter 8: Social Business Strategy for Marketing
      1. Appropriate Campaign Goals
      2. Content Marketing and Paid Media Amplification
      3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
      4. Key Determinants Impacting Your Organic Search Ranking
      5. Enterprise Paid Search
      6. Predictive Advertising Management
      7. GEO Targeting and IP-Based Advertising
      8. Notes
    2. Chapter 9: Social Business Strategy for Sales
      1. What Is Social Selling?
      2. Why Is Social Selling Important?
      3. Goals for Social Selling
      4. Who Should Own Social Selling?
      5. The Social Selling System
      6. Social Selling Implementation
      7. Social Selling Challenges
      8. Account-Based Marketing (ABM)
      9. Notes
    3. Chapter 10: Social Business Strategy for Influencers and Employee Advocates
      1. Influencer Marketing Tech Is Fragmented
      2. Key Trend 1: Decline of Advertising Due to the Massive Increase in Ad Blockers Globally
      3. Key Trend 2: Rise of Influencer Programs Is Leading to Greater Need for Efficiencies and Proving ROI
      4. Key Trend 3: CMOs Are Driving the Budget Increase in Marketing Technology Spend
      5. Key Trend 4: Four Critical Factors Are Fueling the Chaos in Influencer Marketing
      6. The Five Categories of Influencer Marketing Tech
      7. Influencer Marketing Platform “5 Capabilities” Model
      8. The Influencer Marketing Manifesto
      9. Community: Size and Type of Audience
      10. Content: Format and Type
      11. Channel: Social Networks and Sites
      12. Credibility: Topical Relevancy
      13. Chemistry: Brand-Influencer Fit
      14. Controversy: Lack of Resonance and Transparency
      15. Employee Advocacy
      16. Employees Are the Most Credible Voices in Your Organization
      17. Employee Advocacy Drives Sales
      18. Who Is Doing Employee Advocacy Right?
      19. Notes
    4. Chapter 11: Social Business Strategy for HR
      1. Social Recruiting
      2. Use Social Media to Evaluate Cultural Fit
      3. The New Face of Social Recruitment
      4. Play Sherlock
      5. Themes for Your Advertising
      6. Notes
    5. Chapter 12: Social Business Strategy for Customer Service
      1. We All Want the Same Simple Pleasures
      2. Social Media Triage
      3. Audit Your CX Center of Excellence
      4. Where to Begin?
      5. Notes
  11. Section IV: Data and Automation
    1. Chapter 13: Designing Your Ultimate Marketing Stack
      1. How to Build a Solid MarTech Stack
      2. Bottoms Up
      3. CRM
      4. Marketing Automation
      5. Tag Management
      6. Analytics and Tracking: You Need to Track Your Performance, Ads, Technology, and Everything Else
      7. Invest in Keeping Your Stack Open
      8. Monitoring the MarTech Stack
      9. MarTech That Drives Business Growth
      10. Agile Is Your Savior
      11. Marketing Technology Frameworks and the EMF
      12. Always-On Assessment, Evaluation, and Adoption
      13. No Single Platform Winner aka “Marketing Operating System”
      14. Build, Buy, or Rent?
      15. Mobile Marketing Technology Stacks
      16. Drive Internal Buy-In and Stakeholder Influence by Measured ROI
      17. Notes
  12. Section V: Future-Proofing
    1. Chapter 14: Building a Personal Brand, BRO
      1. Business Relationship Optimization
      2. Ass Kiss it Forward
      3. ProSumerTribuDucers
      4. Note
    2. Chapter 15: Avoiding Obsolescence and the Road Ahead
      1. Dead Ideas
      2. Experts Evolve into Sensemakers!
      3. Lifelong Learning as a Habit
      4. 5G, IOT, AI, VR, and Drones, Oh My!
      5. The Fourth Industrial Revolution
      6. Virtual Reality Mini-VRcations
      7. Virtual Reality Masterminds and Uploadable Consciousness
      8. 5G Allows Minimal Latency
      9. The Dark Side of Drones
      10. 5G Possibilities
      11. Notes
  13. About the Authors
  14. Index
  15. End User License Agreement