1.1. Brief introduction to MATLAB

1.1.1. MATLAB software presentation

MATLAB (MATrix LABoratory) is an interactive software, developed by Math Works Inc. and intended especially for digital signal processing. It is particularly effective when the data format is vector or matrix.

MATLAB integrates digital calculus, data visualization and open environment programming. MATLAB exists under both Windows and UNIX. Many demonstrations are available using the command demo.

This digital simulation software enables a fast and simple visualization of the obtained results.

MATLAB was primarily written in FORTRAN and C. However, MATLAB knows to interpret commands, while a compilation of the source code is required by FORTRAN and C.

MATLAB is especially designed for digital signal processing and for complex digital system modeling and simulation. It is also suitable for processing data series, images or multidimensional data fields.

MATLAB software general structure is provided in Figure 1.1.


Figure 1.1. MATLAB software general structure

The toolboxes extend the basic MATLAB functions and perform specific tasks corresponding to different digital processing fields, such as image processing, optimization, statistics, system control and identification, neural networks, fuzzy systems, etc.

SIMULINK is an interactive software designed for modeling and simulating continuous-time or discrete-time dynamical ...

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