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Digital Sports Photography, Second Edition

Book Description

Get an insider's look at the techniques, equipment, and know-how needed to take eye-catching and inspiring sports action photographs with "Digital Sports Photography, Second Edition." Written by an experienced professional sports photographer and featuring firsthand insight and ideas from other industry pros, this book provides the basics of sports photography whether you are just getting started or want to enhance your skills. You'll learn about color management, camera setup, equipment options, shutter speeds, composition, and more to help you attain professional-quality results with a digital camera. You'll also discover what a sports photo editor looks for when selecting images, knowledge you can use to help you take the best possible shots, whether you aspire to be a professional or just want to take great sports photos for fun. The book concentrates on shooting six major sports-baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, and tennis-while providing methods and strategies that can be used to photograph any sport, at the amateur, collegiate, or pro level. Filled with fantastic images to illustrate the skills taught, a full-color gallery of images taken by the author, and even a glossary of helpful photography terms, "Digital Sports Photography, Second Edition" provides invaluable information and guidance on the excitingand challenging world of sports photography.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Foreword
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. About the Author
  5. About the Contributors
  6. Introduction
  7. How I Made It in Sports Photography: My Story
    1. Starting Out
    2. My First Professional Game
    3. Getting Back
    4. My Big Break
    5. Shooting for the NFL
    6. Moving Forward
  8. From Film to Digital: The Transformation
    1. Digital Choices
      1. Digital Advances
      2. Professional Versus Nonprofessional Cameras
    2. The Film Process
    3. Scanners
      1. Scanners in the Marketplace
      2. Role of Scanners in Photography Today
    4. First Usage of Digital Cameras
    5. Contemporary Use of Digital Cameras
    6. The Digital Workflow
    7. Technical Lessons of the Digital World
  9. The Basics of Shooting Sports
    1. Equipment
      1. Camera Bodies
      2. Camera Basics
        1. Aperture
        2. Shutter Speed
        3. ISO
        4. White Balance
        5. Color Space and Camera Settings
        6. Lens Selection
        7. Wide-Angle Lenses
        8. Telephoto Zoom Lenses
        9. Telephoto Lenses and Extenders
      3. Accessories
        1. Monopods
        2. Waist Bags
        3. Carrying Cases
      4. Caring for Your Equipment
  10. What an Editor Looks For
    1. Editorial Use
    2. Commercial Use
    3. Image Criteria
      1. Quality
      2. Artfulness
      3. Peak Action
      4. Stock Images
    4. What Not to Submit
    5. Tools of the Trade
    6. Portfolio Submissions
  11. Baseball
    1. Positioning
      1. Shooting from First Base
      2. Shooting from Third Base
      3. Shooting the Pitcher
      4. Shooting the Outfielders
      5. Shooting from Overhead Locations
      6. Plays at the Plate
    2. Other Elements of Baseball
    3. Using Remotes
    4. In Conclusion
  12. Football
    1. Following the Action
    2. Preparation
    3. Lighting
    4. Positioning
      1. From the Sidelines
      2. From the End Zones
    5. Shooting Methods
    6. Before the Game
    7. Following the Game
  13. Gallery
  14. Basketball
    1. Loving and Learning the Game
    2. Telling a Story
    3. Basketball from the Photographer’s Point of View
      1. Location
      2. Analyzing the Pros
    4. Film and Equipment
      1. Shooting with Available Light
      2. Strobe Lighting
      3. Choosing a Camera
      4. Choosing Lenses
    5. Shooting the Game
      1. Preparation
      2. Behind the Scenes
      3. Before the Game
      4. The Basics of Journalism
      5. Ready for Action
      6. Remotes for Basketball
      7. The Final Minutes
  15. Hockey
    1. Where It All Began
    2. Shooting Hockey
      1. Pick Your Spot but Ask Politely
      2. The Best Seat in the House
    3. Lenses and Cameras
    4. Remote Cameras
    5. A Word on Indoor Flash (Strobe) Photography
    6. The Bigger Picture
  16. Soccer
    1. Positioning
    2. From the Sidelines
    3. From the Endline
    4. Overhead
    5. Youth Soccer
  17. Tennis
    1. Positioning
    2. Lighting and Exposures
    3. Public Courts
  18. Glossary