TACTIC 3Market Research: Advanced Primary and Secondary Market Research—Quantifying Qualitative Research

A diagrammatic representation of man finding humans through lens. It reads 03 market research.

You hopefully haven't gotten this far into your venture without having lots of conversations with potential customers and prospects. Without this baseline understanding of the problems and pain points that customers face, it's nearly impossible to deliver a solution that truly satisfies customer needs.

But these anecdotal observations aren't enough to justify major strategic decisions. The strongest founders quantify the insights from their primary market research (PMR) to build conviction in themselves and others that they have found the origin of a new venture.

In This Tactic, You Will:

  • Build a process for conducting primary market research that incorporates qualitative research including interviews, observation, and immersion.
  • Find and reach out to people who match your End User Profile to conduct interviews.
  • Quantify your qualitative primary market research findings to communicate insights with data.
  • Expand upon your qualitative research with quantitative surveying techniques.

PMR Never Ends

PMR is an entrepreneurial skill that allows us to get to know our customers just as well as we know our best friends. Much as you need to continue investing in friendships, you need to also keep investing in your PMR. Building on the basics of PMR outlined in Disciplined ...

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