TACTIC 13Pitch Deck Design: Pitch Decks for Startups

A cartoon illustration of a person standing in front of a computer. The text below reads, 13, pitch deck.

After completing your financial plan, it's time to tackle the next asset you will need for fundraising: the pitch deck. Having a strong business plan is not good enough—you must be able to effectively communicate that plan to others to acquire the resources you need.

The startup pitch deck is more art than science and serves as a teaser or gut check to warrant further questions.

Developing the pitch deck for a new startup is not an exercise of checking boxes. That's not to say that the visual design is the most important, but rather that you must include more than just the appropriate information. You need to tell a clear, concise, compelling story.

In This Tactic, You Will:

  • Tell your venture's story: one that doesn't just communicate information but that gives your audience goosebumps.
  • Create a pitch deck for your new venture.
  • Practice your public speaking skills.
A cartoon illustration of a woman walking. She is thinking of network.

Audience Identification

The first step to developing your pitch deck is identifying your audience. It's likely that you will have pitch decks for a variety of audiences and content can be reused. However, you should start with the goal of acquiring additional resources, specifically for fundraising. To define your audience, first identify which individuals ...

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