TACTIC 14Fundraising: Executing Your Venture's Fundraising Plan

A cartoon illustration. A tied pouch with dollar, it consists of wings, it is illustrated that the pouch is flying.

What's more important than planning to fundraise? Actually doing it. Entrepreneurs must sustain their momentum to continue demonstrating growth throughout the fundraising process.

Fundraising can augment one of your two most precious resources: money. (The other is time, discussed in the next chapter.) Fundraising is a full-time job that takes you away from building your business. Running the fundraising processes efficiently will be incredibly important so that you can get back to doing what you do best as an entrepreneur.

In This Tactic, You Will:

  • Set the milestones for each round of funding that you will seek to secure.
  • Determine the best fit source of funding—it might not be the most obvious.
  • Design your fundraising sales process based on the source of funding you select.
  • Build a lead list of highly targeted potential investors specific to your business.
  • Get introductions to those investors identified on your lead list.

Milestone-Based Financing

A cartoon illustration of four female characters. Each title pre-seed, seed, series A, and series B.

Rather than raise as much money as you can convince investors to give you, you can and should reduce the investment risk by adopting a milestone-based financing approach. This not only reduces risk for investors and the venture but also maximizes value for ...

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