Our society is creating more problems in the world around us than solutions. This fundamental challenge is best addressed by entrepreneurs driven by passion, vision, and opportunity. Entrepreneurs, of course, aren't just startup founders. Entrepreneurs are also found in corporations, academic institutions, government, nonprofits, NGOs, and elsewhere as both founders and employees. Entrepreneurs are vital to our society's forward progress, but they must maximize their limited time and money, and stay scrappy. This book will help you, as a current or future entrepreneur, do precisely that.

In this book, I'll share tactics based on my experience as a successful entrepreneur, insights I've gained from other entrepreneurs, and through my experiences as an entrepreneurship educator at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. These are tactics I've used when building my businesses and that I've found most effective from my work with thousands of startup founders around the world. I'll teach you these skills and demonstrate how to use them through a systematic approach. These entrepreneurial skills will enable you to make a greater impact in the world as a startup founder or in your organization by creating new things using the existing resources already on hand. Won't your boss be excited to hear that?

The proof points and learnings you gather from early go-to-market tactics will help you sell to additional stakeholders—whether that's a new engineer you want ...

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