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Discover Algorithms for Reward-Based Learning in R

Video Description

Learn how to utilize algorithms for reward -based learning, as part of Reinforcement Learning with R

About This Video

  • Learn what reward-based learning is
  • Find out about the model-based and model-free approaches
  • Learn how to build actions, rewards, and punishments for reward-based learning in R

In Detail

Users will be taken through a journey that starts by showing them the various algorithms that can be used for reward-based learning. The video describes and compares the range of model-based and model-free learning algorithms that constitute RL algorithms.

The primary aim is to learn how to create efficient, goal-oriented business policies, and how to evaluate and optimize those policies, primarily using the MDPtoolbox package in R. Finally, the video shows how to build actions, rewards, and punishments with a simulated annealing approach.