Generalizing nondeterministic automata, we now allow rational sets as labels. An M-automaton with rational labels is a tuple A = (Q, δ, I, F), where Q, I, F are have the same meaning as in the definition of nondeterministic automata and δ is a subset of Q×RAT(MQ. A run ofAis a sequence of the form q0u1q1 unqn with qi Q, ui M and for all i {1, . . . , n} there is a transition (qi1, Li , qi) δ with ui Li. Accepting runs and the accepted set L(A) of A are defined as above. As before, A is called finite if δ is a finite set. Of course, this does not mean that a rational set L RAT(M) which occurs as a label of a transition has to be finite.

Next, we want to show that nondeterministic automata accept rational sets. We do so by ...

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