Disruption in the Boardroom : Leading Corporate Governance and Oversight into an Evolving Digital Future

Book description

No boardroom in any industry is safe from new market threats in this time of rapid technological growth. We’ve all heard the stories of corruption by CEOs at WeWork and Theranos and witnessed whistleblowers revealing crises at Wells Fargo and Uber. The board’s responsibility in this time shifts from protecting not just shareholders, but all stakeholders. Disruption in the Boardroom delves into the details of modern corporations and how governance and oversight can lead us into an evolving digital future.

Corporate culture is changing every day, and everybody at the top—from senior executives of well-funded startups to decades old stalwarts of industries—are being watched more closely than ever Disruption in the Boardroom calls for leaders to embrace intellectual honesty, moral courage, and a discipline for continuous learning in order to have good corporate governance. Author Jennifer Wolfe addresses questions that hit home for present and future board members, the overarching one being: how can a handful of people successfully oversee a company and the entirety of its actions? This book details case studies of past mistakes and lessons from current board members and provides expert insights on how to structure future governance.

Disruption in the Boardroom walks you through stories of both triumphs and errors in crucial decisions made by boards of companies you know well. Whether you are a senior executive, a corporate board director, or simply a curious reader on the topic of business decisions of the current day, Wolfe’s expertise provides you with invaluable knowledge that you deserve to have on your bookshelf. The "move fast and break things" mentality has disrupted every industry, and it will only continue to shift the way we as a business culture approach the future of work. Don’t fall behind.

What You Will Learn
  • Take a look at good and bad examples of how board members at different companies have dealt with emerging issues
  • Understand the changing role of the board
  • Examine how new technologies are rapidly change business models

Who This Book is For
Senior executives, VCs and private equity associates, corporate board directors and curious readers.

Product information

  • Title: Disruption in the Boardroom : Leading Corporate Governance and Oversight into an Evolving Digital Future
  • Author(s): Jennifer C. Wolfe
  • Release date: August 2020
  • Publisher(s): Apress
  • ISBN: 9781484261590