DITA OT changes for DITA 1.3

The 2.x series of the DITA Open Toolkit provides a lot of nice new functionality regardless of the version of DITA you’re using. If you move to DITA 1.3—to take advantage of scoped keys or ditaval scope, for example—then you have to move to DITA OT 2.x as well to process those features. Because DITA 1.3 is such a major driver for DITA OT 2.x adoption, it’s useful to know exactly what changes have been implemented for the new DITA 1.3 features and what this book covers.

Here’s a list of the major changes and new features.

Scoped keys

DITA 1.3 includes new functionality to specify which key values apply to specific nodes in a map. Users make this specification via the new keyscope attribute.

The Open Toolkit processes ...